Students, employers, faculty and staff can find useful services and friendly staff here. There’s everything from networking events – connecting students to industry leaders – to helpful resources for finding a job, to training in those life skills that employers value but textbooks can’t teach.

Gauteng College of Engineering and Technology gets students the job they want. To ensure that, the college provides important services for both its students and faculty. From career workshops to an online job board to individual consultations with an advisor, Career Services is here to help you succeed.

Career Services for Our Students

Consultation with a Career Advisor

Create a Curriculum Vitae(CV/Résumé)

Job search assistance

Career workshops

Practice interview skills

Meet potential employers

Career resources

Career Start

Job search Assistance

Looking for a job? Visit, the job site exclusively for Gauteng College of Engineering and Technology students and alumni. This user-friendly job-posting service displays full-time, part-time, summer, and contract jobs from industry-related employers. Plus there are on-campus jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.

Career Workshops

Learn how much preparation it takes to get the job you want. Free career workshops are facilitated by Career Advisors during the course of the year and trimesters. Learn more or register today at GCETCareers.

Create Your Resume

It all starts with your résumé! Learn the basics or improve what you already have. Career Advisors help with both content and design, so drop by the Career Centre and book your individual appointment today.

Practice Interview Skills

Practice interview skills and learn tips that will allow you to walk into your next interview with confidence! Career Advisors will prepare you with questions geared specifically to your program and field of work and provide useful feedback to help improve your performance. Book your individual appointment today.

Meet Potential Employers

Career Services offers numerous opportunities to meet and connect with potential employers, such as career fairs, networking events and information sessions. Start building your network now and learn more about industry and workplace trends. To learn more register for upcoming events, and special networking activities geared towards your success.

Career Resources

The Career Centre is your best resource for information on building your career. Drop by to access online information, books, magazines and other useful print material. You can also find information on volunteering and working internationally.