Financial Support

The various payment options and bursaries available to students will be discussed during the registration phase by the trained Sales staff. Financial advice in accordance with the Credit Act is also be provided by the sales consultants prior to the enrolment process.

Academic Support

The purpose of academic support is to ensure that enrolled learners achieve academic success and personal well-being. Learners will utilise learner support services cost-free on a volunteer basis, unless differently specified. If at any stage during the course of programme delivery the learners need assistance, they can ask the facilitator for guidance. Learners are encouraged to ask questions and relate their own life experience to the course at all times in order to encourage learner participation. In order to enhance learners’ chances of achieving academic success, assistance may be provided in the following:

Study skills

Assignment writing

Interview skills

CV writing

Revision workshops

Feedback on academic progress

Study periods included in academic timetable

Academic Peer Support

For those students that experience academic difficulties, individual or small group sessions can be arranged by the facilitators, with peers who are performing well. These tutorials are designed to give students the opportunity to get individual academic assistance from a peer. These tutors will be given a certificate to this effect. Facilitators are encouraged to identify learners who are performing well academically, to establish peer groups which meet on a weekly basis, to assist those who are struggling. These tutors will receive a GCET certificate indicating that he/she has fulfilled the role of a Peer Academic Tutor.

Computer Laboratory

Learners have access to computer laboratories where they may access information over the internet. This will assist the learner with research required for their projects and assignments.

Problems of a Personal Nature

If a learner experiences a problem of a personal nature, they are encouraged to set up an appointment with the Student Counsellor, Campus Academic Manager or Programme Manager.

As the Campus Academic Manager and Programme Manager are not professional counsellors, they can only listen and refer learners to appropriate professional services recommended by GCET. Examples of referrals will be e.g. where learners are suicidal and admittance to treatment by a psychiatrist is prescribed. Learners will carry the cost of the referral. GCET (Pty) Ltd will not be liable for any subsequent events or claims made by the learner.


This policy serves to put actions in place to protect the rights of a female who falls pregnant while attending GCET or a female who decides to join GCET after pregnancy.

Privacy, Respect and Dignity

Every learner has inherent dignity and has the right to have her human dignity respected. Every learner has the right to privacy, which includes the right not to disclose her condition to others.

Support and Assistance

Should a learner confide in a facilitator or academic staff, it should be handled with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

The matter should be reported to the campus manager immediately.

The right of the learner to education can not be taken away when the learner falls pregnant.

The learner may still continue her education at GCET until she no longer feels comfortable in the classroom situation.

While the learner is at home, support in terms of providing work, will be ongoing.

After the pregnancy the learner will be welcome to rejoin GCET.

Should the learner have to write examinations during the period that she is not attending her classes; arrangements will be made for her to still write the examinations